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Fathers’ Rights

At The Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee, LLC, Our Experienced Montgomery County Fathers’ Rights Lawyer Protects and Pursues Your Rights as a Father in Maryland.

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Fight for Your Rights as a Father: Experienced Fathers’ Rights Lawyers in Rockville, Maryland

Fathers are just as vital to their children’s well-being as mothers. Yet, many fathers face unfair treatment in custody battles and aren’t given equitable responsibilities or access. By working with a Maryland fathers’ rights attorney to address your family law matters, you can take legal steps to protect your role as the father of your children. At the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee, we believe in fighting for fathers’ rights and ensuring they have a meaningful part in their children’s lives. Our fathers’ rights lawyers are prepared to help men protect the interests of their families and their rights and interests as fathers across many family law practice areas in Maryland.

If you’re a father in Maryland, your rights include:

  • Custody: If you’re not granted custody of your children, you can request a custody modification. Maryland law assumes that both parents are equally fit to be custodial parents, so joint custody is usually granted. However, in cases of unfitness or domestic violence, sole custody may be given to the other parent. Child custody cases have multiple elements, including both physical custody and legal custody rights and responsibilities.
  • Visitation Rights: You have the right to seek reasonable visitation time with your children. If the mother is denying you equal access to your child, you can ask the court to grant you more time. An experienced father’s rights lawyer can guide you with legal advice regarding your parental rights.
  • Important Decisions: Both parents have the right to participate in decisions regarding their children’s upbringing, such as education, healthcare, and religion. However, if one parent is deemed unfit, this right can be taken away. Experienced fathers’ rights attorneys can help you pursue appropriate legal custody terms to protect the interests of your child.

Questions of Paternity in Maryland — How Establishing or Disestablishing Paternity Affects Your Rights and Responsibilities

Establishing paternity is of significant importance for a presumed or likely father in Maryland as it legally determines the biological and legal relationship between a father and his child. This recognition is crucial for various reasons that may involve custody, child support, inheritance rights, access to family medical history, and eligibility for benefits such as social security and veterans’ benefits.

Disestablishing paternity, on the other hand, can have profound implications. It essentially severs the legal ties between the presumed father and the child, which may impact child support obligations, custody, and visitation rights. However, courts typically prioritize the best interests of the child, which means that disestablishing paternity can be a complex process. The emotional and financial stability of the child is often a key consideration.

It’s also important to note that the erosion of the marital presumption of paternity has led to an influx of actions to disestablish paternity in Maryland courts. This shift underscores the importance of legal counsel in navigating these issues, ensuring the rights of all involved parties are protected. Experienced fathers’ rights lawyers can guide you regarding issues of paternity, child support, custody, visitation, and the full range of other family law matters.

Addressing Your Concerns Regarding Your Rights as a Father Before or During Your Maryland Divorce

One of the main advantages of this proactive approach is that it allows for strategic planning to protect a father’s rights throughout the process. An attorney experienced in fathers’ rights can guide you through potential issues related to child custody, visitation, child support, and property division well in advance. This early intervention can help prevent misunderstandings and disputes down the line.

Additionally, by involving a father’s rights lawyer early on, a father can ensure that he fully understands his rights and obligations under Maryland law. This understanding can aid in making informed decisions throughout the divorce process.

This approach may also contribute to a more amicable divorce process. By addressing potential issues upfront, it may be possible to reach agreements outside of court, reducing conflict and potentially saving time and money.

Addressing Fathers’ Rights Concerns in Maryland After Your Divorce or If You Are Not Married

A father’s rights lawyer can play a crucial role in helping a father navigate post-divorce matters or issues that arise when he is not married, seeking to ensure fair treatment under the law.

In the aftermath of a divorce, a father may face concerns related to child custody, visitation rights, and child support. An experienced father’s rights attorney can help address these concerns by reviewing agreements, assisting with modifications, and advocating for the father’s rights in court if necessary.

If a father was never married, establishing paternity becomes an essential step in securing his legal rights. A father’s rights attorney can guide him through this process to ensure his rights to custody, visitation, and involvement in the child’s life are recognized.

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