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High-Conflict Divorce

At The Law Offices Of Ellen L. Lee, LLC, Our Founding Family Law Attorney Helps Married Individuals Facing a High-Conflict Divorce in Maryland By Providing Guidance, Navigating The Divorce Process, And Protecting Their Interests In Montgomery, Howard, Carroll, & Frederick Counties.

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Benefit From the Guidance and Experience of a Maryland High-Conflict Divorce Attorney

If you face a divorce case in Maryland characterized by intense disputes, deep-seated resentment, and an ongoing lack of agreement between the parties, you need to work closely with an experienced high-conflict divorce attorney. At the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee, we guide clients through high-conflict divorces. We manage the interactions — reacting to or neutralizing hostilities when necessary — in the healthy pursuit of their interests throughout the divorce process and beyond, paving the way for the future life they envision.

A high-conflict divorce is distinct from other types of contested divorce, as disagreements in a high-conflict divorce tend to involve an uncomfortable level of conflict and hostility, even to the point of refusal to communicate. This level of conflict can extend beyond the divorce proceedings, often for many years. At our office, we take strategic actions on behalf of our clients with a goal to minimize and prevent extended conflicts, managing interactions with the other party to reduce direct conflict and ease the experience while opening a positive way forward.

Is your divorce case characterized by unresolvable disagreements, unwillingness to compromise, poor communication, or tense behaviors involving excessive blaming, bullying, or ridiculous demands? High-conflict divorces can be emotionally draining and legally complex, heightening frustrations and tensions. Perhaps you are facing an acrimonious divorce because of previous disagreements or actions taken by one spouse or the other, which has deeply harmed your marriage and your ability to maintain a civil relationship.

In these cases, you need to hire the right attorney to handle your case and protect your interests, providing you with a safe space to plan your future without your spouse’s drama and distractions.

Our lead attorney Ellen L. Lee has navigated contentious issues like custody disputes or property division for over three decades in Montgomery County, effectively guiding these cases to resolution. We can help mitigate the drama and difficulties inherent in high-conflict divorces, providing crucial support during a challenging time.

Contact the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee, LLC today to schedule a consultation to address your unique circumstances.

Common Issues in a Maryland High-Conflict Divorce

High-conflict divorces in Maryland typically involve several common contentious issues:

  • Communication Issues: A lack of open and respectful communication can exacerbate divorce conflicts, leading to frustration, anger, and resentment.
  • Property Division: Disagreements over how to divide marital assets can be a significant source of conflict. It can be particularly contentious when it involves substantial assets or complex property matters.
  • Child Custody and Visitation: Disputes over child custody and visitation rights can create high levels of conflict. Parents may disagree over who should have primary custody, visitation schedules, or decision-making rights regarding the child’s upbringing.
  • Spousal Support and Child Support: Determining the amount and duration of spousal support (alimony) or child support can lead to intense disputes.
  • Lying or Dishonesty: One party being untruthful, particularly about finances or assets, can significantly increase conflict and distrust.
  • Post-Separation Abuse: In some cases, one party may engage in ongoing abusive behavior post-separation, further inflaming tensions.

High-conflict divorce cases are extremely adversarial and must be handled very differently from more amicable contested divorces. While your spouse’s behavior affects your options, we have spent decades helping clients in Montgomery County navigate difficult, high-tension divorce cases, and we know how to respond effectively to pursue and protect your interests.

Schedule a consultation with our founding attorney to strategize your next steps towards your new future.

Strong Indicators of High Conflict in a Maryland Divorce

Common indicators of a high-conflict divorce in Maryland often involve a range of behaviors and circumstances. Here are some key signs:

  • Deceitfulness: One or both spouses may engage in dishonest behavior, particularly about finances, assets, or other significant matters.
  • Blame: Persistent blaming and refusal to take responsibility for their own actions can be a sign of a high-conflict divorce.
  • Violating boundaries: Disrespecting personal boundaries, such as privacy, can escalate conflict and tension.
  • Undermining: Actions that intentionally undermine the other party, especially in matters relating to children or legal proceedings, can indicate a high-conflict divorce.
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse: Substance abuse can exacerbate existing conflicts and contribute to the high-conflict nature of the divorce.
  • Revenge-seeking behavior: Actions driven by a desire for revenge rather than fair resolution can be a clear indicator of a high-conflict divorce.
  • Argumentativeness: Constant arguing, even over minor issues, is often another sign of a high-conflict divorce.
  • Mental Illness: Certain mental illnesses — especially personality disorders — can contribute to high-conflict behavior during a divorce. While not all narcissism qualifies as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), it is likely you will face a high-conflict divorce if you are divorcing a narcissist. Note these patterns with your family lawyer if your spouse displays a high-conflict personality, as you should prepare for various family law disputes related to your contested divorce.

Remember, if you are facing a high-conflict divorce, seek skilled legal counsel. A family law attorney with extensive high-conflict divorce experience can help you calmly navigate these complex issues in your contested divorce, avoiding emotionally-charged decisions while protecting your interests.

How High Conflict Can Affect Your Divorce Process and Your Prospects After Divorce

High conflict in a Maryland divorce can significantly affect both the divorce process and both spouses’ post-divorce life — as well as the lives of their children and other family members.

Some ways high conflict can impact the divorce process include the following:

  • Delays: High-conflict divorces often take longer to finalize due to the inability of parties to reach agreements on key issues such as property division, child custody, and spousal support.
  • Increased Costs: The longer the divorce process, the higher the legal fees. High-conflict divorces may also require additional expenses for mental health professionals, child custody evaluators, and more.
  • Contentious Disagreements: High levels of conflict can lead to bitter disputes over minor issues, making it difficult to reach a fair and amicable agreement.

High conflict can have several impacts on your post-divorce life, as well:

  • Problematic Divorce Agreement Terms: If a divorce agreement is reached under high conflict, it may not adequately address the needs and interests of both parties, leading to future problems.
  • Ongoing Tensions: High-conflict divorces can lead to continued animosity and conflict post-divorce, especially when children are involved and co-parenting is required.
  • Negative Impact on Children: Children are particularly vulnerable in high-conflict divorces. They may experience stress, anxiety, and other negative outcomes due to the ongoing conflict between their parents.

Working with an experienced Maryland divorce attorney can significantly improve the divorce process and your post-divorce prospects. At our office, we can represent your interest while managing interactions with the other party to reduce direct conflict. We seek to negotiate fair, appropriate, and sustainable divorce agreement terms, potentially reducing future problems and conflicts for you and your family.

Approaches and Tools Used to Navigate a High-Conflict Divorce in Maryland

When navigating and strategically managing a high-conflict divorce in Maryland, experienced divorce attorneys employ a range of approaches and tools that differ significantly from those used in divorces that are merely contested. These methods are designed to manage the heightened conflict, protect the client’s interests, and facilitate a fair resolution.

  • Highlighting Legal Rights and Processes: Attorneys help clients understand their legal rights and the specific processes involved in a high-conflict divorce.
  • Strategic Communication: Attorneys may advise on how and when to communicate with the other party to diffuse potential conflicts.
  • Additional Decision-Making Support: Attorneys assist clients in making informed decisions in light of conflict or hostility on key family law issues such as property division, spousal support, and child custody.
  • Experienced Legal Guidance: Attorneys provide legal advice tailored to the complexities of high-conflict divorce cases.
  • Co-Parenting Strategies: In cases involving children, attorneys guide clients on effective co-parenting strategies to navigate contentious situations.
  • Advocating Bold, Strategic Methods: When divorcing a narcissist or a person with high-conflict personality traits, attorneys may adopt bold, strategic methods to protect their clients’ interests.

High-conflict divorces often involve intense emotional disputes, dishonest behaviors, and complex legal issues. Attorneys experienced in high-conflict divorces can help manage the escalated tension, and prevent manipulation — always seeking to ensure that the final agreement is fair and sustainable.

The Importance of Working Closely with an Experienced Maryland High-Conflict Divorce Attorney

Facing a high-conflict divorce in Maryland can be challenging, and your divorce case itself can become a very difficult situation when not handled by an attorney who is knowledgeable in these often-stressful cases and the effects they can have on the spouses involved in them.

Consider the following reasons to work with a Maryland law firm that is prepared to handle these types of cases:

  • Experience in High-Conflict Divorces: Seek an experienced divorce attorney who understands the unique dynamics of high-conflict divorces, enabling them to provide tailored advice and robust representation.
  • Strategic Guidance: You need strategies to manage conflict, protect your interests, and achieve fair decisions in the face of hostilities.
  • Knowledge of Maryland Law: Maryland has specific laws and procedures for divorce. An experienced attorney can navigate these complexities efficiently and effectively.
  • Emotional Buffer: Attorneys can also serve as a buffer between you and your spouse, reducing direct conflict and emotional stress so you can live your life and plan your future.
  • Advocacy in Court: If your case goes to court, an experienced attorney with courtroom skills can advocate effectively on your behalf. High-conflict cases are more likely to proceed to this step, so you should work with an attorney who will be ready to stand by you all the way.
  • Negotiation Skills: Experienced high-conflict divorce attorneys have honed negotiation skills that can be crucial in resolving contentious issues and reaching a fair agreement.

Partnering with an experienced Maryland divorce attorney can significantly improve your prospects in a high-conflict divorce, helping to ensure that your rights are protected both during your divorce case and beyond.

The Way Forward: What To Expect When Navigating a High-Conflict Divorce in Maryland

Facing a high-conflict divorce in Maryland can indeed be an exasperating experience, filled with emotional hurdles and legal complexities.

At the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee, we will help you effectively navigate these challenges while we take on much of the heavy burden:

  • Intense Emotional Stress: High-conflict divorces often involve a great deal of animosity, which can lead to significant emotional stress.
  • Extended Process: Due to the contentious nature of these divorces, the process may take longer than usual, leading to prolonged uncertainty and anxiety.
  • Increased Legal Complexity: High-conflict divorces often involve complex legal issues, such as disputes over property division, alimony, or child custody.
  • Higher Costs: The increased complexity and extended timelines can lead to higher legal costs.
  • Potential Court Involvement: If parties cannot reach an agreement, court intervention may be necessary, which can be stressful and emotionally draining.
  • Impact on Children: If children are involved, they might be negatively affected by the ongoing conflict and tension.

Given these challenges, engaging an experienced Maryland divorce attorney who can provide valuable legal advice, emotional support, and robust representation to navigate the complexities of a high-conflict divorce is wise.

Schedule a Consultation with Ellen L. Lee, a High-Conflict Divorce Attorney with Over 35 Years of Family Law Experience in Montgomery County, Maryland

With a wealth of experience spanning more than thirty years, Ellen L. Lee provides personalized support to individuals and families navigating the difficulties of a high-conflict divorce and related matters. Creating a warm and inviting environment, she fosters open communication and works collaboratively with her clients to prepare them to embrace a new beginning despite the obstacles they may encounter in family law.

We understand that every client we serve is unique, and we want to thoroughly understand the intricacies of your high-conflict contested divorce. We will empathize with your experiences, concerns, and aspirations while providing you with an innovative strategy that supports your interests. By adopting this approach, we can actively advocate for you throughout the entire process of your Maryland divorce case.

For a private consultation with our founding attorney regarding your high-conflict divorce, contact the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee, LLC by calling us at (301) 279-0692, or fill out our online form. We’re here to assist you.

We are prepared to conduct the initial information-gathering session with you either at our boutique office in Rockville, Maryland, through a video conference, or via a telephone call. We offer flexible scheduling options — including evening and weekend appointments — to accommodate your needs.

Why Choose the Law Offices of Ellen L. Lee, LLC

Ellen L. Lee has devoted over 35 years of unwavering commitment to aiding individuals and families in Montgomery County, Maryland with their family law needs. Grounded in counseling and psychology, she provides personalized guidance and assistance to her clients in an inviting atmosphere — prioritizing effective communication while forging new beginnings amidst family law disputes.

  • Tenacious & Compassionate Legal Support
  • Trusted Guidance that Exceeds Expectations
  • Full Range of Family Law Services
  • Flexible Consultation Times: Nights and Weekends are Available
  • Over 35 Years of Experience Practicing Family Law in Montgomery County, Maryland

Our Founding Attorney conveniently meets with clients via phone, video conference, or in person at our office in Rockville, Maryland.

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Questions or Schedule An Appointment? Click to Call (301) 279-0692

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